Real Estate

The Law Office of Lex A. Johnson & Associates has many years of experience in real estate law, representing buyers and sellers of residential homes and commercial properties in real property transactions throughout Chicago and the south suburbs. We work with a network of government agencies, mortgage brokers, realtors, title companies, surveyors, architects and financial institutions to see that the deal happens and meets our client’s goals and objectives.


Our attorneys handle all the legal aspects of real estate transactions, including conducting a title search and rendering an opinion, contract negotiations, representation at closing and recording of documents and public records. We represent parties in both residential and commercial real property transactions.

The buyer, seller and lender all have roles to play in making sure that a closing occurs on time and successfully. Our objective is to be thoroughly prepared at the time of closing, seeing to it that all title issues are cleared, including the payment and release of existing mortgages, the resolution of any property line or boundary disputes, and a clear understanding of any easements, tax liens or other encumbrances on the property.

Short Sale Negotiations

If you are under water or upside down, owing more on your mortgage than your home is worth, continuing to stay in the home may seem like a losing proposition. Yet if you simply walk away and let the bank foreclose, you will lose whatever equity you managed to build up in the home, not to mention the damage a foreclosure can wreak on your credit score. In a short sale negotiation, you sell your home for what you can get for it, and the bank agrees to take the proceeds in satisfaction of the mortgage, even if it is less than you owe. We can work with you on the closing with the buyer while also negotiating the short sale with the bank, paying attention to vital issues such as whether you would be liable for any deficiency judgment.


We have represented landlords and property management firms in various landlord-tenant disputes, including evictions and forcible detainer actions. Whether the issue involves nonpayment of rent, constructive eviction or a breach of warranty, or any other lease provision dispute, we provide strong, effective representation and a creative approach to problem-solving and dispute resolution.

Experienced Chicago Real Estate Lawyers

For professional advice and representation in your Chicago real estate matter, contact the real estate legal professionals at the Law Office of Lex A. Johnson & Associates.

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